Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Success Formula

I had a few drinks last night. Around me people were dancing as if there were no tomorrow. My limbs were moving, head spinning and body shaking. At a point of time, I felt as if my soul, mind and body were separated. It is at this moment, I realize a truth that might change whoever is reading this now. 

We always had sets goals in life, however most of the time we had to settle for something less or nothing at all. Was this because we did not give our best to achieve the desired goal? We might have worked really hard throughout the year but at the final moment we slipped and tasted defeat. The religious folks out there will tell you that whatever you get is willed by god. Then what is the point of working hard for something in the first place, we might all just pray that it will happen. So many questions, so little answers. Sigh …….. 

In such loud noise, I got the realization to avoid failure. I know many would not agree to me but here it comes. You just need to be selfish and an opportunist. Base on a situation, no matter who you hurt, you need to make decisions that will spring your way. Well face it, one man’s victory is the others defeat after all, so instead of being defeated you can swing the other way around and be the victor instead. Now the only last question left to answer is are we willing to hurt the people that actually loved us or worked long hours with us for our self-benefit. This is the human factor that decides your success. Most will not do it, as love and loyalty matters a lot to them especially in relationships and team work, but the one who breaks this barrier is always successful and happy. 

I am not telling you to be in-humane, but most of the time without realizing it we had tasted victory from such an act. Unknowingly or knowingly the defeated felt sadness when we jumped in happiness. Well, anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can bear defeat but the question is are we willing to taste defeat time after time? … I need to get some sleep now but nevertheless think if the above is what you lack to achieve success. God bless …

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Race ....

When everyone thinks that the hope is lost, it is only then miracles do happen.

Life today has become very competitive … until … achievements are all that matters. I sit here today, writing this post because I feel that I have forgotten something important in life. It is years now, I like you, have joined the race to become the best. Competing in everything and anything possible, today… all of a sudden my heart felt a pinch that slapped my mind out of its competitiveness into reality.

No doubt, being competitive made me work hard and fortunately my hard work during the last few years did not go fruitless. For instance, today I work for one of the country’s best aviation company with a decent pay. Besides that, I have met a beautiful girl that shows me much love, in addition to the continuous love poured by my wonderful family and friends. Isn’t this all a man coming from a middle class background would want to achieve ... Well, it wasn’t so for me two days ago after seeing how the rich and famous lived ….

Sigh … we had always automatically found new limits to achieve after making over the old ones and this had made our life become a race. Don’t get me wrong, in life, it is import to have competition but life itself should not be a competition. I sometimes feel that god tried explaining this to man but unfortunately man was never listening nor noticing. Before you read the next line, look at your palm. Notice something … Even though our creator was perfect, he made all five fingers of ours different in size and shape. It is only because they are different; we are able to grasp things well with our hands.

Hence … don’t you think we were all meant to be different in order to maintain the stability of our human race? We should not try to be someone we are not because in the process of being that person we will lose our own identity and move further from the purpose of our birth. We are all unique and had been given abilities that will allow us to achieve the purpose of our birth. Rather than to compete with our counterparts we should look within and seek our own strength. Only then, we can achieve satisfaction in all that we perform.

Before I end this post, I want to say that I am truly sorry that I have not written in a while. However, my absence allowed me to realize that being the best is not as import as being my true self. Life is not a race, don’t run through it or you will regret one day for not living it.

Fill me in with your thoughts ….

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Meet ....

I want to start this post by saying a big Thank You ….

Thank you for reading all my post till this day; especially those who had never failed to carve their feelings on the walls of this blog. I had always felt that every one of you is connected to me somehow. I might not know you in person nor seen your face before, but I am grateful for the little time that you are spending to read and understand the gist of my writings.

Well … Today, I am going to tell you a story about a boy and a girl. This is not a love story but … At that time the boy had just started university and the girl was still studying in secondary school. He first met her in a temple. She was wearing a white t-shirt with black pants. She was not very tall, had slightly below shoulder length hair and had a very pretty smile. He first saw her through the reflection of a glass. At that point of time, he already started feeling butterflies in his stomach. Well eventually daaa daaa da daaa daa da happened and the next thing they both knew … they were a couple.

I know many of you would feel that at that age, he probably felt puppy love. However, to that boy, the feeling he felt at that time was a feeling he never felt before. Well what can I say … it is purely man’s human nature to induce love to evade loneliness. Though it was not what people call true love, but because of their innocence the love was pure and that made them able to sustain the relationship for 4 years.

Eventually, the guy got heartbroken when the girl decided to leave him after getting the realization of maturity. It was not entirely her fault as how is she to bear him when she could not figure what she truly wanted herself. As usual, the breakup was a difficult period which saw many hurting words and actions being exchanged. Well, you can’t blame the guy for being an ass; as living life with her was his dream and just imagine getting your dreams washed out one morning in a pack train station. I can tell you that the separation hurt him badly because on the night of the break up, he prayed to god never to make them cross paths again forever … hmmm.

Today, six years after the break up … he only thank god for making things better with her in the fifth year after the separation. Being matured adults now, it is not surprising they had managed to put their past behind them and are good friends now. Well, you must be wondering why the hack did I tell you this story … haha. Well, this is the reason why … Recently, they guy ran into some major problems in life and had gone to the extent of just giving up everything … and at that crucial point the girl advised him the below :-

“We always think that the challenges in life that we undergo are sufferings but in truth there are many out there that are suffering even more than you. Some do not have homes, some do not have a nickel to loan, some are handicap and many don’t even have a person that truly loves them like a family. You need to realize this and be grateful to god for this. You had always been strong and you just have to be strong now

When she told him this, though this was something he knew before, it just created a spark that inspired change in him. God had placed special people that carry special messages to guide us throughout life. The real reason of the meet might never be known now but it will surely benefit you one day. The boy in the story is me and the girl in the story is the person I really hurt two days ago. I am really sorry for that. I feel much better now and I owe this to you.

I really hope readers can share some experiences of similar meets that benefited them later …. Remember sharing is caring … thank you again

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mysterious SHE ...

I had always thought sincerity is all a person looks for in another to commit to the religion of love. However, I think the experiences that I felt in the past eight months or so, had clearly washed out that perception. Partly I blame myself for being the fool to the lies that I was told. The lies were not coming from her only but it was also coming from an unexpected source. A source that you would not imagine that would betray you at a time like this.

We often fall into this trap because we had always trusted this source ever since we were born. Though it had helped us grow in the society, explaining things that were not explainable through visual and audio, but all it was trying to do was to gather vital information that will make you serve the purpose of this birth. If you think I am talking about an actress from the cinema, then I can tell you that she acts pretty well too. She also hides herself in the deepest secrets of the self and uses these secrets to lore you to the repayment of your action.

I felt the saddest moment of my life yesterday, when the girl I thought had always cared for me told me to stop dazing in my dream world. I know from then on, this relationship had nothing left in it but she then came along and reassured me not to give up. The reason I am feeling the pinch in my heart today ... is truly because of her but I really don’t understand why I keep listening to her. It is like an addiction or maybe it is just because of the long relationship we had throughout the years.

Sometimes I feel very deluded and had also started doubting the existence of the objects in front of me. She had made me doubt my eyes and had tried numerously to disown me from my own feelings. I think it is time for me to visit a doctor that can help me differentiate … what is real and what is false. Even then I am sure she will not rest until her cause is met …

Nearly all of us are in this confuse state today because of her … she had also defeated some into their own death … she is no other then Maya or the delusion caused by the mind…she is the catalyst to the recreation of the mind … She will feed on your fear, anger, lust, greed, and ego.. and she will not stop until she make you realize that the real you is not who you think you are …people that befriend her became insane and those who had tamed her became immortal. Anyway take care my friends and remember the past was there to teach us something not to repeat in the future...

Maybe we can share the delusions we had before… and how we overcame it …you never know you might find a solution to some of your questions here today …

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happyness :)

An old friend once told me that life is like a novel. The suspense that lies on the next page is the only thing that keeps us reading on. Hence knowing the future is never possible. We can only hope that things will fall in place but we can never guarantee it will. As I flip the pages of this novel, I notice that life is full of ups and downs. However, ever since knowing the secret of happiness, I am able to maintain a level of happiness though grief on and off keeps visiting back.

It was a few weeks back when I accidentally discovered the secret of happiness. I was about to doze off when suddenly the phone rang … My aunty with a low tone informed us that my uncle had passed away. At first, I was shocked hearing the news of his sudden death. Later I accepted reality as it unfolded in front my eyes. It was at the crematorium when suddenly I felt as if I was touched by the above. Seeing the casket being feed to the blazing fire made me realize that this form of mine is temporary. This realization made me feel as if I had skipped multiple chapters and was reading the final chapter of the novel.

You must be wondering what is being temporary got to do with happiness. Well only by realizing the fact that this very life of ours is temporary, we can choose whether to live life with a smile or continue wasting life being dull. Yes I agree that this is easier said than practiced. Well maybe we can start by differentiating the entities that are temporary and permanent. You would realize that everything that has a shadow is temporary and the only permanent thing is the self or some will call this the soul. The soul is energy and if I remember correctly from the physic lessons which I took way back during my secondary school days, energy can never be created nor destroyed. This theory proofs the permanency of the soul or the self.

Hence, if we make our happiness ride on a temporary creation, we are indirectly setting a time span for that happiness. What is even worse is that the time span that we are setting is unknown to us because of temporary nature. Phew … confusing stuff huh ??? Well in laymen terms, the only way to feel permanent happiness is for happiness to originate from being self contented. If you are contented with yourself, you will not search or place happiness externally. You can be the source of your own happiness and happiness will then solely depend on you.

In short, just imagine if you have seven days to live, will it really matter what people think of you? Who loves you and who doesn’t? Whether you are wealthy or not? Whether he/she had cheated you or not? I can tell you that none of the above matters because dying ends this temporary role of yours instantly. Start living life by the moment and you will find that you look better when you smile ….

Fill me in with your thoughts ….

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